My Prayer for America

Today is the 2012 National Day of Prayer. I want to join the millions who are praying for our country. When I think about praying for the nation, I always think about Daniel. In exile with his homeland desolate, he prayed for his nation. His prayer in Daniel 9 is powerful. I offer this prayer for America inspired by Daniel’s prayer. (Though inspired BY Daniel 9, I do not claim it is God-breathed/inspired like the Scriptures):

Dear God,

You are the holy, faithful, and true God — the only source of life. You keep Your promises and love those who honor Your name. Your forgiveness extends to all who will accept it because of the once-for-all sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus.

We are not like you. We are faithless, sinful, and false. Although You have revealed Your plans and purposes to us in Your Word, we have neglected them. We have turned to our own ways and ignored the wisdom, commands, and words of life from You. From our presidents, CEOs, political and religious leaders to our teachers, entertainers, and thinkers, we have all fallen short. We trust the quick sand of popular culture more than the solid rock of the Bible. We will tear down an “offensive” cross, but let pornography flow freely into our homes. We have killed millions of unborn children, but we claim life as an inalienable right. We devote ourselves to idols of entertainment instead of serving those in need. We deserve nothing from You, except Your righteous wrath.

But, You, God are loving and kind and forgiving. You have blessed America beyond other nations. You have blessed America by bringing the nations. Freedom, land, wealth, prosperity, power, might, influence, creativity, natural resources, people — the blessings are too many to count. How do we fail to recognize Your hand upon us? Our founders knew Your providence and trusted it. But we have continually strayed from the ideals You inspired in us.

God, turn our hearts back to You. Hear our cries to You. Let those of us who claim Your name truly follow Your ways. Raise up for us leaders who know You and honor You. Turn back the destruction we have chosen by our wickedness. Forgive us! Heal us! Restore us! Let America be the faithful servant you have called, not the wandering vagabond we have become. And let us turn Your blessings on us into blessings for all the nations. We need You and we want You.