Other Writings

I have experimented with several types of writing over the last few years. Here is a sample of some that have been published.

Marriage, Family, and Personal
Dying Grandmother Receives Picture From Her Dead Husband” (2011 Content of the Year winner)
Marriage Communication Rule #1: No Green Peppers
Marriage Communication Rule #2: Fifty Dollar Rule
How I Learned to Listen Even Though Hearing-Impaired
Loving Wife Joins Steeler Nation, Reschedules Birth

Special Needs/Mitochondrial Diseases
What Are Mitochondrial Diseases?
Hope When There is No Cure
Brighter Days: Mitochondrial Medicine in 2011” (interview with Dr. Frances Kendall)
Special Needs Mom Leads Nonprofit to Help Thousands of Georgia Families” (interview with Lucy Cusick of FOCUS)

Fantasy in Lights at Callaway Gardens: Creating Your Family Memory
Callaway Gardens: A Guide to Family Adventure
Local Restaurant Gems in South Cobb, Georgia
More Than Christmas Lights: Georgia Family Invites All to Catch Christmas Spirit

Sports, Real and Fantasy (just a sample)
Hines Ward Eighth Player to 1,000 Receptions: A Steelers Fan’s Tribute
First Person: Press Rookie Covers First NFL Game
Pittsburgh Steelers Should Trade For Tim Tebow
Whispers From the Legends: Beyond the Dollar Value of Classic Baseball Cards
Fantasy Football Rules to Keep Your League Together
Watching the NFL From the Press Box: Real Fantasy Football?
Exorcising the Patriots: A Steelers Fan’s Divine Formula

Music and Entertainment
Celtic Woman, the ‘Believe’ Tour: a Fan’s Review
“Former Celtic Woman Star Lisa Kelly Opens Voice Academy in Georgia” interview with Lisa Kelly (Yahoo! News) (Fayette Citizen – longer)

Controversy and Politics
God and Mammon in Mississippi: Should Gospel Artists Perform at Casinos?
Go Green: Use More Paper
First Person: Herman Cain’s 2012 Presidential Candidacy Announcement
Defending Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan

Short Story

We Call it Good?” (on Good Friday)
Some Might Say
How Far Our Nation Has Turned from Thee” (a villanelle)

Technical Writing
Introduction to the Informix TimeSeries DataBlade” IBM developerWorks
Connect to Informix with ADO.NET” IBM developerWorks

My Contently Portfolio has a more complete listing

One thought on “Other Writings

  1. […] I have written on many other topics. To collect the best of these into one place, I have added a new page with links. Feel free to explore and let me know what you […]

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