New Bible Translation (Humor)

Lincoln (my two year old) made this craft at church tonight. He was so excited to give it to me. In the course of catching him as he ran toward me, the man’s arm fell off. That’s when I decided this illustration could be used for the New Amputated Version of the  Bible.

If you groaned too much, I apologize.

4 thoughts on “New Bible Translation (Humor)

  1. Keith Wood says:


    You are an amazing man of God.  Thank you!  I love that, and yes, that was very clever what you had said.  Having children changes your perspective on things.  When they come running to you, your heart melts.  They are such great blessings from God.

    Thank you again for writing about that, and tell Lincoln that his picture is beautiful!

    Keith  : )


  2. Stacy Riley says:

    sounds like our home!!!

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