Navigating the Corn Maze of Life – Psalms Project: Psalm 119

Last weekend, I took our ten year old son, Aidan, to Reece’s Corn Maze — at night! This corn maze is an orienteering challenge. It actually consists of two mazes — a smaller, less complicated one and the big one (the man/cross/guitar above was the smaller one; the horse was the larger one). The owners provided the map above with six marked stations. To complete the challenge, you must collect the specially shaped hole punches from each station.

Going at night added to the challenge. There are no lights in the maze. Thankfully, they provided a flashlight for us. With the map and the flashlight, Aidan and I were able to navigate to all of the stations in both mazes in a little less than 2 hours. We did not get lost or make any wrong turns. Aidan did most of the navigating in the smaller maze, but yielded to me once we really got into the larger one. After completing the challenge, I asked Aidan one of my favorite parent questions: “what did we learn about life from that?” Here is what we came up with:

The Map is Indispensable
Without the map, we would have no idea where to start, where we were, where the stations were, or how to get anywhere. The map was essential to completing the challenge. We had to rely on it for every decision and direction. The maze of life also requires a map from its Creator. Psalm 119, the longest chapter of the Bible, repeatedly declares that God’s Word is the map for life:

How blessed are those whose way is blameless,
Who walk in the law of the Lord.
How blessed are those who observe His testimonies,
Who seek Him with all their heart.
They also do no unrighteousness;
They walk in His ways. Psalm 119:1-3

Teach me, O Lord, the way of Your statutes,
And I shall observe it to the end.
Make me walk in the path of Your commandments,
For I delight in it. Psalm 119:33, 35

The Map is Useless Without Light
A few times we turned off the flashlight to get a sense of how dark it was and how lost we could have gotten. Without the light, we couldn’t see the map or any of the possible directions to go. All we could do is stumble about and feel with our hands. Completing the maze would have been an impossible task. Even just getting out would have been very difficult. In life, though, there are so many who try to live without light. They stumble and fall and wonder why. The truth is that life  without God and His Word IS darkness. We need God to light our way. Psalm 119 says it like this:

 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. (Psalm 119:105)

But it is not just the printed word that gives us light. Jesus Christ, the living Word of God, is our Light:

Then Jesus again spoke to them, saying, “I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life.” John 8:12

Beware the Overgrown Path
Some passages we could choose had weeds or fallen stalks that partially blocked the way. Often, we could choose the right way by taking the more obviously worn path. Many had found the right path before us. However, there was one time when we took the less-traveled path because, according to the map, it was the right way. We trusted the map and took the path anyway and got to our next station. So, there was a double lesson here. Sometimes it is wise to follow where others have gone before. Yet, when the map clearly takes you off the worn path, trust the map. Psalm 119 expresses a similar double truth: we are companions of all who fear the Lord; yet we must confidently follow God’s path even when it leads through darkness and traps.

I considered my ways
And turned my feet to Your testimonies.
I hastened and did not delay
To keep Your commandments.
The cords of the wicked have encircled me,
But I have not forgotten Your law.
At midnight I shall rise to give thanks to You
Because of Your righteous ordinances.
I am a companion of all those who fear You,
And of those who keep Your precepts. Psalm 119:59-63

No matter where you find yourself in the corn maze of life today, God can make a way for you. Take hold of His Word (the map), and let Jesus light your way.

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8 thoughts on “Navigating the Corn Maze of Life – Psalms Project: Psalm 119

  1. Brenda Nave says:

    The Map is Indispensable, The Map is Useless Without Light, Beware the Overgrown Path. What a great commentary for the facts of the Christian Life! And I enjoyed the story of the Corn Patch (Maze) with you and Aidan.

    • Sean Durity says:

      Thanks for the encouragement, Brenda. Melanie was just telling me yesterday how much she missed you and Rod. We hope all is well with you. Thanks for all your faithful years of serving God and influencing others for Him.

  2. linneann says:

    Great analogy and I think it’s wonderful that you did this with your son. I think you made a very good memory with a memorable message to go along.

  3. I told a young man just this past weekend that it feels good when the light is on inside. Love your analogies. I took a Youth Group to a Christian Corn Maze one time, and on the way out there it started pouring rain. Every one was so disappointed as we drove on. I kept praying for the rain to stop, but as always, trust God. When we got there it continued pouring and it was also dark. I decided if I was there, I was going to do it. All the girls were unsure and the guys were gung-ho! The owners said they would keep it open if we wanted to do it. Because we did it, another group decided to do it also. Our maps got soaked and eventually useless, we slipped and slid in mud, we got lost, I could hear laughing and screams coming from all the youth. We all got soaked but it turned out to be one of the most fun times we ever had and all the youth remember it to this day! The pouring rain, darkness, and mud made it better than it ever could have been otherwise. Who would have guessed?
    Another great Psalm Project, Sean.

    • Sean Durity says:

      Cowboy, I’m so glad you came by to check this one out. The picture of the maze reminded me of you from the first time I saw it. Thanks for sharing your corn maze story. There are many lessons that can be learned. The corn maze, though, makes me think back to the medieval practice of walking/praying through a labyrinth. I might have to write about that in another post someday…

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