Standing in Hope

One of my greatest goals for this blog is to point people to the very real hope that Jesus offers. Not a false hope or a hope on just good days — but a hope that inspires us through the painful realities that we face.

Linnea is a writer whom I met through her blog. She understands and clings to this hope. Read here: Brevity–May 16, 1990.

In the comments, she mentions the hope expressed in Romans 5. That is exactly the Scripture that inspired hope in us during the dark days around our daughter’s diagnosis. I wrote about that:

“When my daughter was diagnosed with an incurable illness, I could not think it would lead to hope. It was despair that lurked in the shadows of seizure-filled nights. Fear preyed on me with each mysterious side-effect from the various seizure medications. And confusion threatened to overwhelm me as I tried to understand mitochondrial diseases.

But God did not let me fall.  …” Finish reading

In what do you hope? In what circumstances do you need His hope today? Stand in God’s hope and you will be able to stand.

14 thoughts on “Standing in Hope

  1. linneann says:

    Your faith is very strong. In the past, I rarely exulted during the trial itself but was able to see God’s work in retrospect. It is easier now to stand firm and wait upon Him through the hard times (but I still complain from time to time, like a little baby.) I commend you.

  2. chris9911 says:

    man, its something I think about everyday. I hope and pray I can at least live long enough to see my kids go to college. I don’t ever want to think about my wife raising my boys by herself. Thanks for another positive thought provoking article that makes me think about things i care the deepest!

  3. ansuyo says:

    He has never failed to bring hope out of every situation! 🙂 Angie

  4. linneann says:

    Sean, I just shared the Beautiful Blogger award with you. Don’t feel like you have to follow the rules to accepting it; I just wanted to share your blog with my readers. However, if you do want to, the rules can be found on my site.

    • Sean Durity says:

      I am very honored. I hope to spend some time responding to the award. Being new, I’m not sure to whom I would pass on the award…

      • linneann says:

        This was my first time too. The other time I was nominated, I didn’t know enough bloggers to pass it on so I completely understand. 🙂 One way is to look at your followers list. It helps jar the memory a bit.

  5. Sean, I was so excited to see your article on WordExpress Weekly! I have always felt you have a very good word, and a voice worth hearing. It is my hope that this magazine can be a portal to an audience who would normally never come to our sites. Donald is trying to find a balance to this. He is not a Christian, so problably don’t believe in prayer, but I’m sure he could use all the “encouragement” we can give him! Congrats on the article!

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