Why is Good Friday Good?

On the surface, it seems strange to celebrate the death of Jesus. But that is not the end of the story. This poem is about the seeming paradox of Good Friday:

We Call it Good?

Questioning, it is the Friday my Lord dies
and we call it “good?”

Conspiring, the religious leaders pay for His betrayal
and we call it “good?”

Betraying with a kiss, one of His own accepts their offer
and we call it “good?”

Scattering fearfully, the rest of his followers desert Him
and we call it “good?”

Dragging Him from trial to trial, the religious leaders break their own laws
and we call it “good?”

Accusing, false witnesses speak against Him
and we call it “good?”

Accepting, He stands silent
and we call it “good?”

Asking, the crowd chooses a murderer to be freed in His place
and we call it “good?”

Washing his hands of it, the governor sentences the Healer to death
and we call it “good?”

Mocking, spitting, and scourging, the soldiers delight to abuse
and we call it “good?”

Struggling, He carries the plank of His execution until exhausted
and we call it “good?”

Numbering Him among the worst of criminals, He is taken outside the city
and we call it “good?”

Nailing Him to a cross, the soldiers hoist Him high
and we call it “good?”

Scoffing, “Come down, and we will believe!” shouts the crowd
and we call it “good?”

Agonizing on the cross, He is thirsty, torn, and bleeding
and we call it “good?”

Crying out, He is forsaken by God
and we call it “good?”

Breathing His last is the One who breathed life
and we call it “good?”

Darkening, the sky turns black at noon
and we call it “good?”

Loving, He was mocked, forsaken and executed – just for me
and for you
and for all

Forgiving those who executed Him
Taking the wrath which I am rightly due
Declaring, “it is finished!”
Dying willingly as a man, yet He is God
Rising so that I might have life

Living for Him is my choice now.
And yours.
Answering, it is Good Friday!

2 thoughts on “Why is Good Friday Good?

  1. Peggi Tustan says:

    Wow. Beautiful poem to read and remember this Good Friday morning. Thank you, Sean.

  2. linneann says:

    The second best and most cruel day in history. Thank you.

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